SMAS lifting
Facelifting, deep-plane SMAS lifting, minimally invasive lower face rejuvenation

deep-plane facelift (SMAS list, rhytidectomy), is a plastic surgery that aims to give naturally youthful appearance to the face. It reshapes the middle and lower third of the face by lifting the deep layers of tissues, lifting fat compartments and removing excess facial skin. This is the best way to tighten skin around the jaw line, also known as "jowls."

SMAS lifting is a complex procedure that requires extensive knowledge in facial proportions and anatomy, a very specific skill set of surgical techniques and a highly-developed (even artistic) eye for aesthetic detail. As an associate professor in plastic surgery I always train my residents to train their eye and be extremely attentive to tiny details in facial anthropometry. 


The exact technique a plastic surgeon uses during a SMAS lift depends on a number of factors, including a patient’s anatomy and personal goals. My technique includes deep layer undermining and 3 dimensional reposition, including fat pads lifting, which in complex make the face look very natural afterwards. Facelifts are typically performed under general anesthesia, although local anesthesia with sedation may be used in certain cases. It is extremely important to get rid of the jowls and create a firmer foundation for the skin with pre- and post-auricular scars almost invisible.  


As been said SMAS lifting is a complex procedure requiring exceptional surgical skill, but the recovery process is surprisingly quick for most of my patients. As long as geography of my patients is very ranged, most clients are coming over only for 2 weeks. This is enough time to reduce swallowing by means our signature postsurgical recovery protocols and remove all stitches. But as every patient heals a little differently, I will give you detailed instructions for aftercare and returning to activity.

How to keep the result longer?

As I always say, a SMAS lifting with erase 10-15 years from your face and will last approximately the same time. While nothing can stop the normal aging process, after a facelift you should always look years younger than you would have without the surgery.

But there is an important guideline to follow if you want your result to last as longer as possible. 

  • Maintain a healthy, stable weight. It’s like a “haute couture” dress we create for a certain figure, so keep your weight the same to fit. 
  • Collagen injections performed once a year by professional dermatologist will help you to keep the same density of the skin. 
  • Efficient water consumption is a must!
  • Get rid of smoking. 
  • Every 5 years I’d recommend you to support your midface (cheek area) with adequate amount of resorbable fillers (hyaluronic acid, poly-lactic acid etc.) 

The cost of a deep-plane SMAS lift is $10000. It includes anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses. Combination of SMAS lift and Hollywood neck lifting is typically $15000.

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