Interview with Maxim Vasiliev

Maxim Vasiliev is a rising star in the plastic surgery world. He has been working at The Platinental Clinic for 7 years and made his career literally from scratch thanks to his talent and precision. 

"Maxim came to The Platinental Clinic as my assistant and a couple of years later he made himself known as an independent plastic surgeon. Maxim Nikolaevich has excellent hands!"

Today Maxim Vasiliev performs almost all types of operations, but his favorite area of interest is breast surgery and lipomiosculpturing. He achieves brilliant results with the entire body sculpturing when moving fatty packages from problematic areas to the chest and buttocks. This is not necessarily “Kim Kardashian look” due to the fact that most clients wish more natural result. And Maxim makes his work both long lasting and sexy looking.

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