Interview with Anna Smirnova

"It will be 15 years since I’ve been working with Andrey Iskornev and his team", says Anna Smirnova, chief dermatologist of The Platinental. "Over this years I've seen so many surgical cases so I can ensure you our department of postoperative rehabilitation is one of the best. It is extremely important for cosmetologist, or other therapeutic medical practitioner working in plastic surgery, to go upstairs to the operating room and learn how your team performs SMAS techniques or endoscopic facelift. It gives you much better understanding in terms of medical cooperation and urgent patient’s needs in the nearest postoperative period".

Anna Smirnova is also a leader in laser surgery. She performs all types of neoplasm laser removal, vascular treatments and CO2-laser polishing of all types of postoperative scars. For skin rejuvenation she uses the arsenal of The Platinental meso-bar, containing more then 150 products aimed at biorevitalization, mesotherapy and collagen boosting. 

"I’m a huge fan of our signature skin tightening protocol, including both HIFU technology and collagen injections. It’s all might be performed by IV sedation to make prosecute painless. You literally loose about 3-5 years after just a single procedure", - Anna adds. 

Before an important events we also recommend:

- RF micropeeling with Geneo+ device; 

- Fractional CO2 peeling (in a spray mode it leaves no traces on the skin and you look younger almost immediately);

- Heleo4 Photodynamic Therapy (we call it “BB cream effect” Procedure, you can read more about it here);

- Hydrocollagen injections for non surgical face lifting (liquid facelift).

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